PL-C Plasma Cutting Machine

These high-performance plasma machines are designed to cut a wide range of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. PLC Plasma cutting machines are a reliable source of plasma cuttings [...]

DURMA SBT Swing Beam Guillotine Shear

The Winning Force
Rigid body structure and perfect cutting
Unique design and rigid body enable SBT series to provide perfect cutting quality and low cost solutions
With choice of standards and optional equipment [...]

DURMA RP Rotation Punch Press

Rotational – Head Punch Durable punching operation for the cost-effective processes. Discharge processed small workpieces without interruption or small manual manipulation.

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MS Series Guillotine Shear Machine

Durma MS Series products provide a reliable, effective and economical solutions. Knowledge, ability and experience has been the basis for the development of our mechanical and electronic drive components.
Product [...]

DURMA Blue Bend PB2280


Full Servo-Electric System
Full Automatic
Stabil Process (HQ Bend)
Clever Consumption
Rapid Setup
DURMA Panel Bender, designed with high technology to increase efficiency
on precise part bending.
Quality approved components used.
Stress relieved made on bodies for [...]

DURMA HD-F 10025 Fiber Laser Dual head

Rack and Pinion Motion System (HD-F Series)
Axes motionis achieved by rack and pinion design. There are not any intermediate load transmitting elements between the motor and the pinion which otherwise could cause [...]

IW Iron Worker Machine

IW Series Features
Punching Station
Punching station is designed versatility in mind. The station of bolster plater, makes it possible to perform a wide range of punching. This includes the punching flat [...]